Monday, 31 December 2007

The First Post

So my first subject in my first post is….political correctness. Now there are those amongst you who will say “Oh yes, it’s terrible. I hate it. Blah, blah. BTW, I think it’s so good that Trevor McDoughnut is back on News at Ten. He is such a good role model for young black men”. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The point is that you have not noticed how PC your own thoughts have become. Society’s obsession with being so ‘right on’ with its political correctness has got under your skin to such a degree that you don’t even see it any more. You went from right to wrong so easily and did not see it or spot the irony.

Now, let’s deal with the side issue first. The McDoughnut may be a good role model for young black men. But can he not also be a good role model for young Indian men? Or young white men? Or young green men with blue spots for that matter? Just because he happens to be black does not mean that black men will listen to him any more than young white men. Actually, I think it’s completely patronising to young black men to say that ‘you must be influenced by the McDoughnut because he’s black’. So they can’t be influenced by Mozart, Shakespeare or Blair? And it follows therefore that a white bloke is less likely to be profoundly influenced by Nelson Mandela, a man whose message of forgiveness and calm patient reason should be an inspiration to us all? No it is the reverse logic of the metropolitan PC luvvies who are so desperate to be so ‘right on’ that they cross the line into stupidity but just can’t see it.

So now let’s deal with the major issue. How did we let our society get to the point that we feel we have to have certain views or feel that we can’t say certain things? Our fear of being criticised for any unpopular beliefs, victimised even, has subtly changed the liberty of our society.

Now I happen to hate the BNP and all that they stand for. But, I would fight to the death for this unwholesome bunch to be able to hold and speak their views. That’s the thing about freedom of speech: some people are going to say things you don’t like. And that’s its beauty.

The logic and historical experience of continuing down this stifling PC path, is that we will end up like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia, where the State has an orthodoxy which everyone must adhere to…and those that don’t can be informed on and then ‘dealt with’.

Political correctness is the insidious poison that is changing the nature of our freedom. We must speak out and stop it.

Sadly, this is a subject I am sure we will return to regularly.