Saturday, 5 January 2008

CBeebies, Death and Media Intrusion

Now I never thought I would write a title linking those topics but the media coverage of the death of Natasha Collins has drawn me to it. Here’s my point:

If Mrs C died today in circumstances that were not clear and obvious, I would expect the police to first of all focus on me. They would need to question me. They would therefore need to arrest me in order to put that interview on a firm legal footing. Assuming I had not done her in, then they would rule me out of the case and then move on to exploring other leads. Standard stuff. We all know that. The media knows that. But still they run at the easy ‘he must be guilty’ story.

Now I don’t know if Mark Speight knocked off this poor girl or not, but the media positioning of the story yesterday was…he has been arrested, ergo he is guilty.

I find the media’s negative, conspiracy obsessed, venomous, headline focussed attitude so disgusting. Tell me if I’m wrong.

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