Thursday, 15 January 2009

January Catch Up Rant

I'm back. Had a rest from blogging over the Christmas break and then a business trip to the US.

Where to start. So many thing are pissing me off:

Giving taxpayers' money to the UK car industry – madness which didn’t work last time (see 1970, British Leyland etc)

Giving taxpayers' money to the US car industry – more madness but on a much bigger scale (see above)

Manufactured PC outrage at Prince Harry using the 'paki' word – aged over 60 and ’paki’ and ‘nigga’ are purposefully insulting but many see them as acceptable, between 25-60 and the thought police win and these are unacceptable words, under 25 and these words are used all day long by the children of the very people who tell you that these words are unacceptable. Language evolves (see Coolio in da Big Bruvva House, Man)

Economic migrants claiming benefits paid for by the UK taxpayer – so they’re not leaving after all. No, I’m paying for them

People falling over themselves to eulogize about Heath Ledger, the drug addict actor who killed himself taking drugs – he took drugs, he died, the end. Moron

The media still letting Gordon Brown get away with (a) ruining the economy in the first place, (b) rolling out a half-baked recovery plan without pulling it apart and (c) not criticising the 'jobs road show' as just another Labour PR blitz – we’re all off to hell in a hand cart

Whopping accommodation allowances for senior civil servants – unfucking believable

Lack of media condemnation of Palestinian rocketing of Israel – not pro Israel but let’s show some balance. Arab world hates Israel, a legal democratic entity. Arab fanatics threaten and attack Israel regularly. Israel invades ‘occupied territories’ in 1967. Much toing and froing since but in essence Israelis won’t leave occupied territories until they are sure of no further threat. Attacks continue. Israel defends itself using its well documented policy of ‘massive retaliation’. Policy has meant Syria, Egypt and Jordan no longer threaten Israel, so what don’t Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran get exactly?

Russia waging energy war on Europe – it is a war, make no mistake

Tory hype and media over a minister saying that economic ’green shoots’ are here – which is actually true, as it was when Norman Lamont said the same in 1991

BBC News items pretending to be news but which are in fact trailers for BBC programmes later that day – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Do they think we are thick and don’t notice? Where’s Ofcom when you need them

MPs trying to ban the anti God bus advert – so it’s OK to spread religion but not OK to criticize it. Must be Blair/Brown Britain ‘thought police’ logic

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