Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nightmare on Ken Street

Sometimes politicians do dumb things. Sometimes politicians make mistakes. But it’s not often a politician seems to have a complete death wish. Welcome to the mad mad world of Ken. Some examples from the last few weeks:

Ken caught lying.

Ken caught insulting Jews.

Ken caught insulting gays.

Ken keeps promoting his over close relationship to London Islamists.

Ken defends taking Ahmadinejad’s money.

Ken avoids taxes.

Ken’s behaviour driving his own supporters away here and here and here.

Ken becoming an embarrassment to his fellow Lefties.

And all this in the last few weeks, the weeks before the London Mayoral elections. You could not make this up. This is the sort of list of events that if it was in a film we would all sit in the cinema saying: This is so unrealistic. It would never happen. No one is that stupid.

Prediction: Boris will win handsomely. Ken will never again be supported by the Labour Party nationally.

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