Sunday, 11 March 2012

Religious Nuts Hate Gays

I know. ‘Shock! Horror!’ headline, no?

Some guy who wears a dress in Scotland (Cardinal Keith O'Brien) hates gays and doesn’t want them to marry. Somewhat like a lot of guys in the Middle East who also wear dresses and don’t like gays either. But the Government doesn’t mind gays and would like them to be able to marry.

I mean, really? Are we still discussing this? Have we not all grown up and moved on? Next they’ll want us to all behave like Americans and start debating abortion again. The caravan has moved on and nobody apart from those that support the religious nuts who wear dresses, of whichever persuasion, really cares.

But I am loving the ludicrous arguments used by the dress wearers though:

‘Marriage is a pact only between a man and a woman’. Says whom?

‘Government can’t just change the meaning of this word'. Really? Since when did any religion own the legal rights to a word? And, hellooo, civil marriages have been around in the UK since 1940. Didn’t hear you wanking on about that at all, now did we?

‘Marriage is only for a man and a woman to raise children'. So, if you don’t have children is your marriage still valid? What about older people who marry? Are they, aged 70+, meant to be shagging like bunnies so that their children will validate their marriage.

I love the ridiculous word games and warped logic that bigots use to justify their bollocks whilst straining to remain PC. Reminds me of Nick Griffen’s pathetic well rehearsed answer when anyone asks him if he is a racist.

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