Friday, 9 March 2012

Who Are The 1%?

Recently, my favourite Lefty hate figure Polly Toynbee extolled the virtues of Occupy as great champions of the Leftist movement who have almost singlehandedly created the agenda and pressure to reduce bankers’ pay. Putting aside the fact that this is entirely untrue as pointed out here, I thought it worth looking at what Occupy is really all about.

Occupy has behaved like the usual Far Left protest group. They have been very savvy at running a publicity stunt, keeping the media occasionally interested over a sustained period, pissing off almost all normal people who have actually come into contact with them, then falling out with each other publically as they bicker about what they are trying to achieve and how to achieve it whilst losing all their legal fights, which of course we have paid for. (Loving the fact that they use our tax to pay for their pointless legal fights via Legal Aid).

Anyhoo, establishing what are Occupy’s central demands is impossible because depending on who you speak to at Occupy depends on what answer you get. The one thing that seems to reoccur in all their blatherings is woolly talk about the wealthy 1% who apparently are to blame for all the worlds ills.

Now here’s the thing. The activists of Occupy ARE the 1%.

Because the developing world is so poor in comparison with the developed world the cut off for the global 1% is an income of about £21,500, a lot less than you can get if you play your cards right on benefits.

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