Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Political Integrity

In 1982 when the Argentineans invaded The Falklands, the then Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, resigned his post. His reason was simple: he was the guy in charge when a disaster occurred.

How times have changed.

The Council Leader and Cabinet Member of Haringey have had to be hounded out of office before they would take responsibility for the Council’s woeful and fatal performance. In recent years, cabinet ministers have taken illegal loans and interfered in due process before finally being forced from office. Our previous Prime Minister led from the front when he took money from FI mogul Bernie Eccelstone with one hand, whilst concurrently taking decisions that protected Ecclestone’s and FI’s wealth with the other. And our illustrious MPs, led by that beacon of decency and democracy Speaker Michael Martin, have slaved away to stop us prolls finding out how they spend taxpayers’ money on themselves.

Political integrity is long gone.

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