Friday, 19 December 2008

Surreal Life

I appear to live in a society where:

The state pays you for not working.
The state will pay for your housing.
The state pays more for your housing the more children you have.
The income outlined above will in almost all circumstances add up to more than you could earn even if you earned double the national average wage.
The state will pick up these tabs even if you are not British and even if you are an alien who has been refused entry to this country several times.
The state will pay for all your children to be educated up to doctorate level.
The state will pay for all your health costs for your whole life.
When you are in your dotage, the state will pay you for being old.
And now, it will also make a contribution to your heating costs.

Why does anyone who is only going to earn around the national average wage bother working?

1 comment:

Graham G said...

Pride my son,pride. Two children at university. Have to keep on working although now coming up to retirement age. They WILL have a better start than me despite the government making it more difficult by the year.