Monday, 1 December 2008

St Max Mosely

So a regular topic of this blog will inevitably be the unbridled, unregulated and malign power of the media.

Now, you may challenge my 'unregulated' comment all you want, but we all know that the PCC is a toothless and ineffectual fig leaf which allows the media to carry on and do its usual ghastly stuff.

I am sure I will turn to St Max Mosely and his fight with the News of the World and others again and again, not because I want to defend people who rent hookers and enjoy sado-masochism, each to their own on that one (but it should be pointed out that what Mosely did was legal and consensual), but because the media in that instance invaded a private individual's privacy so that they could make themselves richer (by running a 'shock, horror' headline and story, thus selling more newspapers to us prolls).

Anyone who has any misgivings about my view here should read the judge's words where he lays bare the unethical and manipulative methods of our illustrious media:

What the judge says is instructive about our media:

1. The editor of NoW and the journalist who ran the story were extremely unreliable witnesses who tried to blackmail the women involved.

2. They ran a salacious story and, when challenged, retrospectively concocted a 'public interest' argument in order to justify their actions.

I rest my case, M'lud.

No St Max's beatification is due to the fact that he had the balls to take the bastards on. Sadly, the judge did not award punitive damages against the NoW, and until a judge does this the media will continue to 'rape' private individuals in order to make more profit for themselves.

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