Monday, 15 December 2008

Things That Piss Me Off (Number 2344)

'Strictly' fans that we are, Mrs C and I huddled around the flatscreen on Saturday to view Argentine tangos, sequins et al in great excitement. The simple maths of the voting system failed, so Tom got through. Hurrah. Roll on next Saturday.

But is this a main news item? Does it really merit prime time news coverage? Do the BBC need to be leading with it all morning today, two days later?

And for that matter, as happy as I am that this Bangladeshi NHS doctor has been released from her parents and is being sent back home to East London, should this item have received constant wrap around coverage since Friday? I bet when she lands at Heathrow, there will be TV news crews jostling to film her with breathless coverage of her arrival, her first steps on British soil, her first words, interviews with her neighbours, her local newsagent, someone who once studied with her blah, blah, blah.

How fucking soft focus is the news these days!

For fuck's sake, has the war in Congo stopped? Has Russia stopped threatening to cease energy supplies to Ukraine? Have elections in countries all over the world ceased? Has the murderous wanker in charge of Zimbabwe left office and the place turned the corner?

No. The soft left complacent wankers who run our TV news just cannot see through their PC haze and understand what's important anymore. Soft focus crap all the way. Oh and as much advertising as possible for other BBC programmes during BBC news.

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