Monday, 11 May 2009

The Tory Manifesto – Part 2

So the next big item is public sector cuts. How to do this and not shore up the NuLab and Lib Dem ‘Tory cuts’ mantra. My plan:

1. Declare that every Government department will from next year cut its budget by 1% each year for the next Parliament. That will make a 5% cut over the Parliamentary term before inflation is taken into consideration. A significant cut and more likely to be nearer 10% when you take inflation into account.

2. However, two departments will be exempt: defence (putting current overstretch aside, you can’t cut defence whilst you are at war) and the NHS – good for the stay-at-home Labs and Lib Dems (see Friday's post).

3. Commit to raising the retirement age to 70 in five years time, thus giving those due to retire time to plan.

4. Furthermore, announce an NHS review to last two years, led by an independent doctor, to see how the NHS needs to change to be more fit for purpose in time for the next election. Also commit to a defence review once we are fully out of Iraq to review the future size and shape of the armed forces, again led by an independent retired general.

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