Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What The Fuck Do I Know?

Well I couldn't have got that more wrong if I'd tried!

So, farewell then Mr Speaker. But what gives? Why resign as an MP as well?

I think Gordy must have pulled the rug from underneath him behind the scenes, in a "you're dead meat, we will give the no confidence motion Parliamentary time, go now so that we can begin to draw a line" sort of way. Hence, Martin thinking..."Hmmmm, how to get my own back. I know. A by-election for Gordy right now will fuck him badly." And indeed it will.

The last by-election was also in Glasgow. Horrible day at the office for Mr Brown, that one. This one will be worse. Either stand by for an SNP whitewash or for an anti-sleaze, independent candidate: Martin Bell, again? Ester Rantzen in Glasgow, I think not? A Scottish business type?

But for Gordy it just gets worse and worse. Think what's coming:

  • HoC official expenses detail release
  • Daily Torygraph and other media outlets pouring over the detail and comparing entries
  • Inspector Knacker arrest of various MPs, followed by rumour and counter rumour for months
  • Euro and local elections horror story
  • New speaker election
  • NEC and local party de-selections
  • Kelly inquiry announcements
  • Glasgow by-election loss
And all this on top of monthly unemployment mounting up. More business failures. Possible IMF help needed. OMG. It just gets worse and worse.

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