Thursday, 7 May 2009

Right To Die

I continue to be amazed at some attitudes to euthanasia. This comment is stimulated by the following:

1. Well documented euthanasia proponent Dr Philip Nitschke was stopped and questioned by police under the Immigration and Asylum Act after arriving from Australia at the weekend. Dr Nitschke, who runs Exit International, was searched, fingerprinted and formally interviewed after being told his workshops could be in breach of British law (

2. Nitschke held a seminar on euthanasia in Bournemouth this week (

I have written about this subject before here.

Why do I not have a right to choose when I die? Explain to me someone please, why the state should have the right to either criminalise me for choosing to take my life or criminalise others for helping me carry out my wishes? How arrogantly nanny state is that.

And please don't try to defend the "we have to protect the vulnerable" line that all the churchy types and Lefties use. To say that we will not pass a law because a tiny, tiny minority of people may be adversely affected is ridiculous. Follow that logic and you would never pass any law. No law can cover every situation. Let me repeat for the hard of hearing:


I just think that it is an incredibly arrogant intervention in my life and free choice that the state can stop me from choosing when I die if I want to.

WTF were the police doing stopping and interviewing a doctor who had come to this country to give a lecture on a medical issue?

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