Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Luke's Sick

Just discovered from a friend that Luke Akehurst who writes Luke's Blog, a Lefty, NuLab, all that I loathe about Labour politics blog - that I have slagged off from time to time, I will admit - is a bit ill. In hospital for some months with some curious disease of which, small minded dickweed that I am, I have never heard and hope I never catch.

Politics aside, I hope old Luke gets better. I need you to occasionally rant about, Luke. To make Luke feel better, as if I can help, I have added his blog to my blogroll.

Keep blogging Luke.

1 comment:

thespecialone said...

I am also politically opposite to some of my work colleagues but wouldnt wish them harm. Except if they try to vote Labour on Thursday and suddenly get a serious bout of hand cramp and cannot mark X!!