Monday, 8 June 2009

The Real Losers

So everyone is banging on about GB and when/if he will go. I still stick by my prediction that Gordy is not going anywhere soon, not least because the election results have made it arguably even more unlikely that those backbench NuLabs will vote for the end to their personal gravy train. They will want to spin it out as long as they can, just like the Tories did under Major.

No the real losers no one is talking about. The real losers are...the Lib Dems.

They have had a truly terrible few days. Everyone knew that Labour was going to do badly. Everyone knew the Tories were going to do well (although they did better than many thought possible, perhaps even themselves). But no one saw the considerable falling away of the Lib Dems.

Fourth in Europe. Lost their heartlands in the county council elections. An unexpected fillip in Bristol meant that the media did not lay into them on Friday.

Awful result for Cleggy. If he cannot do well now, then when?

And I suspect that with fascists elected to the European Parliament for the first time by the British, the proportional representation bandwagon that had begun to roll recently in the Westminster village will subside quickly. Thank God.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly i think you will find that BNP are Nazis not facists..there is a considerable difference. The BNP are a party of the left not right as proved by where they picked their vote up from in both local and european elections - Labour voters voted BNP (as they always do)