Friday, 24 February 2012

Workfare or Slavery?

The multimillionaire, three home owning - London, country, Tuscany, obviously - private school user Polly Tithead always talks shit. She is one of the most egregious examples of waffly, factually wrong, muddleheaded, hypocritical Lefty bullshitters. She always manages to come to a wrong but ideological conclusion. I am constantly bewildered that anyone takes her seriously. Her recent diatribe on Workfare is a wonderful example. Read it first.

Crikey. Where to begin? Putting aside the incredible hypocrisy that she loathes lobbyists but Lefty protesters are to be admired - surely they are lobbyists too, but no, ‘her’ lobbyists are I suppose good lobbyists, so that’s OK then - she makes three points that are just ludicrously wrong:

“Workfare is Government sponsored slavery for rich companies”.

Putting aside (a) the ridiculous hyperbole, (b) the factual inaccuracy and (c) the insult to the memory and hardship of real slaves - beaten, raped, tortured, butchered and killed in their millions - what we are actually talking about is people on benefits volunteering to do work experience in top end companies whilst they are trying to get back into the workplace, where the results abroad and in the UK pilots have delivered a more than 50% success rate. Note I wrote ‘volunteered’. Yup. Not forced. They volunteer.

She is wrong on sooooo many levels. Her beloved party’s ideology has increased underlying unemployment through overly expanded employment rights (see yesterday’s post), trapped people in unemployment through over indulgent benefits where they earn more on benefits than working, absolutely fucked over the economy and spent gazillions on work programmes that manifestly failed on almost every measure. This policy works. She suffers from NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome.

“…absurdly calling objectors "job snobs.”

Well Polly, my darling, job snobbery (ie I’m not prepared to do that job, it’s beneath me) is what comes of:

a. promising 50% of the population degrees, and

b. having to expand and dumb down universities to cope with the increased numbers, thus

c. needing to invent nonsense degrees for those who aren’t really up to it, and

d. giving people job aspirations that the employment market cannot possibly satisfy as it simply can never generate enough graduate jobs for them, whilst

e. almost dispensing with immigration controls allowing in huge numbers of immigrants who then take all the lower end jobs,

which leaves a generation of workers caught out in employment no-man’s-land.

“...Stephen Hester can probably blame them (Occupy) for the loss of his bonus.”

Er, no, Polly. Banker bashing has been a blood sport since Northern Rock (Feb 2008) and Lehman (Sep 2008). And you have been at it regularly since then. Occupy (since Oct 2011) has achieved nothing. Other than fouling various public places across the UK.

And she ends: “…all praise to UK Uncut and Occupy”.

She is either unkowingly wrong, so an idiot, or purposefully spreading lies and untruths for political advantage, just like the Socialist Workers Party who are running the campaign against Workfare, frightening good businesses from taking part - who needs the crap - and helping the unemployed back into the labour market.

What an utter fuckwit. Again, how can anyone take her seriously? Try this or this instead.

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