Sunday, 5 February 2012

Aid and Trade

So those beastly Indians have taken our Aid cash but not bought our Eurofighters. Bastards. And just to grind our face in the dirt even more, they’ve bought some planes from the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Double bastards.

And when this issue came up on the BBC’s Question Time this week, Alan Duncan - the Tory DFID minister - gave an impassioned argument as to why Aid should not be linked to trade. Good argument, well made, but wrong. Simples. If you want our Aid, then you must take our Trade. Why is that so wrong?

But, there is a much better solution: Trade not Aid.

Aid can be like benefits. The recipient can get used to it, quickly take it for granted and then stop looking for work. Countries can behave like the listless unemployed. And in any case, just chucking money at people is like renting a home. In the end, you are just wasting your money. And it seems they do not even want our money anyway. Much better to help our Aid recipients by investing our cash in businesses that create skills, employment and wealth, thus laying the ground for them not needing our Aid any more.

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