Monday, 13 February 2012

Lauded in Death

In much of the media, Whitney Houston has been idolised in the last 48 hours. Which irritates the shit out of me.


She was a very, very lucky woman. She was given a truly incredible talent - we all liked her music. And from that talent she made fuck loads of money which meant that she lived an incredibly privileged life that less than 0.001% will ever experience.

And, due to her own lack of self-control, her own pathetically weak character and her own choice to indulge herself in drink and drugs, she threw all of this advantage away, no doubt leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

And please don’t tell me she was a helpless victim of her own inner demons or illnesses. People in her situation victimise themselves and then use their newly manufactured victim status to explain away their own terrible weak choices.

This is not someone to be lauded. Just because you die younger than average and are well known, does not mean you are a hero. Real heroes are exceptional people as I’ve written before.

May she finally rest in peace.

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