Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Council Homes for Life

In advance of the Budget, fascinating pieces of information are dribbling out through Government leaks - presumably placed leaks - concerning rich Council house tenants, see here and here.

Apparently, 25% of Council tenants (720,000 of them) earn more than the national average wage - £26k. Even more amazingly, there are 15,000 Council tenants that earn over £80,000 and 6000 of those earn over £100,000. Apparently, Labour MPs, union leaders, academics, senior public sector and NHS staff etc are on the list. At the same time, 1.8 million people are on Council waiting lists.


You and I are paying for people in the top 10% of earners to live in taxpayer-subsidised housing. Franks Dobson’s comment shows this dislocation from reality:

“Market rents in our area are phenomenal. I wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

And I cannot afford to live there either, Frank, so guess what? I don’t live there and I don’t expect people earning £20k to pay for me to live there either. Join the reality based community, Frank.

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