Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lynch Mob Politics

I have written before of the incredible blame shift operation politicians have carried out vilifying bankers when in fact it was the banking regulation system that failed, run by...oh yes...those same politicians.

The madness continues, with the loss of Fred's bauble. Putting aside the rank hypocracy of MPs and Peers who have openly committed fraud wandering around Parliament as if they have done no wrong, as Nick Boles MP said in his Macmillan Lecture to the Tory Reform Group:

“…making a few bankers and company bosses a bit less rich is not going to make most people in Britain any better off.”

Lynch mob politics is always wrong. And as Bagehot so eloquently demonstrates, when La Toynbee and The Dark Lord Dacre unite on any issue it must be wrong...and very scarily so.

After the last few days, we have now set in train a terribly dangerous anti-business agenda, which The Millipede and Mr Yvette Cooper will latch onto like an underweight baby desperate for its mother's teat.

Dave needs to wrest us out of this suicidal nose dive urgently.

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