Friday, 17 April 2009

Banana Republic Britian

When governments are going under and desperately trying to cling to power, they invariably become more authoritarian in their efforts to stay in power. It's just the way it is, always has been and always will be. It's a truism.

Think of every banana republic despotic regime just before they fall apart: free media is curtailed to prevent criticism, the rich's assets are seized to keep the regime funded, known opponents are all arrested to take the leadership of any uprising out of circulation, curfews are imposed to prevent civil disorder and facilitate state control etc. Familiar concepts, but never in Britain, right?

Well, in a first world, advanced liberal democratic way, we are seeing just this in NuLab Britain.

For the usual banana republic distraction techniques to stop the people from focusing on how incompetent the government really is, read the endless 'initiativitis' so beloved of NuLab, previous commitments reheated for today's press deadlines.

For the usual tough posturing showing how in control the dictatorship is, read the relentless diet of illiberal legislation to target those NuLab don't like.

Instead of capturing the radio/TV station every banana republic seems to have, we see NuLab spin doctors constantly bullying journalists to try to control the media agenda.

Instead of appointing loyal supporters to control key organisations NuLab has politicised the civil service.

Instead of spreading lies about their opposition, NuLab has......oh hold on, they got caught before they could do that.

The normal rounding up of political opponents on trumped up charges has morphed into pushing the police to arrest whistle blowers and their opposition accomplices.

Banana republic brazen lies about 'how brilliantly El Presidente is leading us in these difficult times' - remember Comical Ali - have been replaced by Gordy's outrageous spin informing us how brilliantly we are prepared for economic recession (not according to the IMF or OECD which say in fact we are the most vulnerable).

We are living in a NuLab banana republic. Thank God it's almost run out of time.

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