Sunday, 12 April 2009

Labour Blog Watch - as at 0830 hrs

Those who have faced the truth:

LabourHome - calls for McBride and Draper to go (as ever leading the NuLab pack)
LabourLost - downplaying by Dripper, desperate to keep his job

Those who are non-committal:

Hopi Sen - counter attack on Guido

Those imitating an ostrich:

Alistair Campbell - nothing to say? Surely not
Chicken Yoghurt - nothing
Go Fourth - no screwed up syntax available
Kerron Cross - silent since Wednesday
Michael White - nothing to say?
Recess Monkey - classic opening line: "It's not been a good week for the Tories"
Stumbling and Mumbling - not a thing
Tom Watson - silence, strange that
Tom Harris - "having a weekend off"


thespecialone said...

Oh dear. ZaNuLabour apparatchiks are a bit stunned arent they? What about Polly? You forgot to mention Polly T.

Kerron said...

Yeah, some of us were out enjoying Easter with our families.

If you had bothered reading my blog you would know I'm no Derek Draper supporter.

But enjoy yourself whilst you can.