Wednesday, 1 April 2009


So I have blogged about the G20 and summits before. I am so sick and tired of the breathlessly gushing wall to wall coverage over the last few days, I cannot add much more than I have written before:


"Fresh from his cheesily pathetic attempt to achieve some reflected glory from St Obama a few weeks ago, now standby for some truly teeth-sucking, butt-clenching G20 awfulness that will be all about Gordy desperately trying to look statesman-like, surrounded by wall to wall NuLab spin with their media pet poodles lapping it up. Ghastly."


"If there is one certain rule in life, it is this: when politicians announce a 'summit' or a 'tour of the country', you know that:

a. they're in the shit

b. that means that we poor proles are in the shitter with them

c. they have absolutely no idea how to get out of the shit, and

d. they are desperate to be seen to do something to deflect attention from c above."

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