Saturday, 4 April 2009

Jade Reality Check

I wrote this about the death of David Cameron's son. It just as well applies to Jade Goody.

Today will be nauseating. First, the people who made Goody - the tabloid, red top media and the lower end of the TV spectrum - will gush with faux tears about her demise. We will breathlessly follow the funeral all day. Again, the media making money out of an unwitting fool.

Second, celebs and politicos will all queue up to wax lyrical about "how special she was", "how wonderful she was", "what a brilliant ambassador she was" etc. Nauseating.

Third, the media will cry pity tears for Jack Tweedy, "how brave he's been", "how he was her rock", "how much he loved her" etc. Puke.

Perspective: as sad as any death is, particularly a young person's, this happens every day in every town all over the country. All over the world. No one cries for them.

Goody was in fact famous for being just incredibly stupid and for milking her 15 minutes of fame by doing anything, however debasing - including while blind drunk pushing a wine bottle up herself on live TV. Tweedy is a convicted felon, currently tagged, who is shortly to go to court on another charge.

These are not role models. They do not deserve adulation.

Update: Apparently it was not Goody who performed the wine bottle routine. It was another Z list called 'Kinga', whoever she was.


Anonymous said...

I think it was someone else who did the wine bottle thing.

I think what people find endearing about Jade is that she was honest - a quality they find severely lacking in public figures of greater stature...

moorlandhunter said...

We can all be honest and down to earth but Goody was just ignorant and rude, a foul mouthed racist to boot and as for Jack, a prat who is being seen as a wonderful role model by the red tops and the luddites of the country. It seems that being a thug is a way to earn respect; many are admiring a person who assaults people. No wonder so many people despair for our country.

Anonymous said...

Jade Goody - the ultimate chav.

King Athelstan said...

She was responsible for many appalling moments on TV but not the wine bottle.