Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Celebrity Madness

The just ridiculous media wankathon that is the coverage of St Obama is not unlike the complete madness that descended on them at the time of Princess Diana’s death and subsequent funeral. He is not God, guys. He is the President currently in charge of a fucked economy.

Likewise, the appointment of Alan Shearer as manager of Newcastle today. And for that matter, Martin Johnson as England rugby manager. Neither have ever managed anything but have celeb player status.

To illustrate how totally stupid this is, imagine taking Robert Peston and appointing him as BBC director general, or Mathew Parris and appointing him as CEO of News International. It’s amazing how the cult or religion of celebrity is now invading every part of national life.

Everything you need to know about the state of how celeb crazed our society now is, can be summarised by this: the first photos of Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s first child, due in the autumn, are apparently worth £1 million according to London Life last night.

Pathetic and unbelievable.

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