Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mad Teachers

So. Let me get this right.

1. The country is in the depth of an historic recession

2. Unemployment has passed the 2 million mark

3. Unemployment is widely predicted to hit over 3 million by the year end

4. After profligate spending by Gordy the country is teetering on technical bankruptcy

5. Many independent economists are predicting we are likely to need a bailout from the IMF

At this very moment, the teaching unions, after 12 years of bumper pay rises under NuLab and with their final salary pensions intact unlike the private sector, pass a motion at their conference demanding a 10% pay rise.

Should this quite awe-inspiring utter dislocation from reality not disbar you from being a teacher?

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Anonymous said...

Having dealt with teaching unions, they tend to fight for what they think teachers want rather than what teachers actually want (not that teachers would say no to a 10% pay rise), but the majority of teachers are realistic and are not expecting 10%, especially in today's economic climate. Maybe the title should have been 'Mad Unionists'.