Monday, 6 April 2009

Interesting campaign a friend alerted me to: The campaign's 'statement of intent' is as follows:

" is a new campaigning website that has been created in an attempt to highlight and improve declining standards of newspaper journalism in the UK.

"We believe that the implementation of a few simple law changes will ensure greater press responsibility and accountability, therefore integrity.

"We believe in freedom of the press but have grave reservations concerning corporate media concentration and the lack of varied dissenting voices holding power accountable.

"We believe we are witnessing clear agenda driven journalism in the UK, clearly sensationalist, unbalanced, unfair and often malicious.

"We believe independent regulation is now a must, not self-regulation or governmental control.

"We believe in an automatic right of reply for all citizens misrepresented by the press in the UK, as libel proceedings should not only be a preserve of those who can afford it.

"We believe the size of any apology or correction should be of the same size and same prominence as the lie.

"We believe there is a crisis of trust in the print media in the UK. This must be addressed now as our human rights and our democracy is suffering as a consequence.

"We intend on getting the British Public interested and involved in debating, current media issues.

"We believe that by raising awareness of newspaper’s ethical responsibilities and promoting a two-way interactive system whereby the general public are able to police declining standards of print journalism themselves we will be able to remind corporate media organisations of their civic responsibilities and begin to improve standards."

Don't know who's behind it but I can't disagree with much of that.

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