Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Latest Lib Dem Bandwagon

So the moronic Loony Dems are jumping on the bandwagon of the death of a newspaper seller on the sidelines of the G20 violence, calling for a criminal inquiry. Of course our illustrious media are fanning the flames: questions must be asked, is this the face of unacceptable policing, cop violence etc...

Time for some facts:

Fact 1 - The guy in question was in the way of the police clearing a street during a day of mass rioting. They pushed him. He fell. He later had a heart attack. Unfortunate. Were the police responsible for his heart attack? No.

Fact 2 - Should the police have pushed him? Yes. That's what riot police do. They push people out of the way to clear streets.

Fact 3 - WTF was he doing there anyway? I closed our London office for the day and made staff work from home so that they could not get caught up in any problems. Anyone who was stupid enough to be wandering around the City of London during a riot was playing with fire. Idiot.

Fact 4 - At moments of mass public disorder, society asks individual civil servants - be they policemen or soldiers - to make split second decisions whilst in the middle of total madness, always with only scraps of information available at that immediate moment - aka the 'fog of war'. Sometimes these decisions, made in a fraction of a second, can mean life or death.

Fact 5 - These split second decisions are then poured over for days, weeks, months and years by those who want to make political capital out of the incident, their lawyers and of course the asswipes of the media who just want a 'Shock! Horror!' story.

Fact 6 - As a society, we ask these civil servants to behave in a legal, level headed way in totally out of control circumstances. They will inevitably make mistakes. And as a society, we owe these civil servants our absolute support, even when they make mistakes resulting in loss of life.

Society has imprisoned soldiers who in a split second made a wrong decision whilst fighting for their lives in Northern Ireland. Society has bleated on and on about collateral damage or friendly fire in Iraq and Afghanistan. Society has wanked on about the Brazilian electrician slotted by mistake the day after 7/7.

We are asking ordinary people to do absolutely extraordinary things in totally mad, highly stressful and very frightening circumstances. We should always support them.

Anyone who wants to cast the first stone - yes, you David Howarth, you Lib Dem wank pot, prostituting yourself for a few votes - should spend half a day on the front line wearing a flat cap and a DayGlo vest being bottled in central London by a mob of half drunk, half drugged up anarchists.

Update: OMG, it gets worse. The BBC are leading their bulletins with this story. The Today programme on R4 just had David Howarth on. His smug, sanctimoniousness was bowl evacuating in its stupidity. He claimed the police 'shoved' the newspaper seller. Not just 'shoved', an evil crime in itself, but he then added that they 'shoved him hard'.




They were riot police. Policing a riot. Clearing a street. What do you think they were going to do? Write him a love letter?

What David Howarth did not mention:

1. WTF the newspaper seller was doing in the City in the middle of a riot in the first place?
2. WTF the anarchists were doing there at all?
3. The incredible restraint the police showed all day long.

This is politicking at its worst.

This man, who apparently aspires to be a Government Home Office minister, is not fit to lick the sweaty ass of any policeman in this country.


Letters From A Tory said...

Very well put. I laid down a similar challenge to the Left on my blog, and they have completely failed to meet it.

thespecialone said...

The left have jumped on this like the media has too. It was the same when PC Anthony Mulhall was accused of battering an innocent epileptic young woman in Sheffield. Turns out she was another violent thug on the make and wasnt epileptic at all. The left went very quiet after that.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me? I would a) never have been anywhere near central london that day, and b) moved a bit f'ing quicker if asked to move by a line of riot police. I don't know about other people, but despite being generally law abiding person I sweat like someone who has just committed mass murder every time I speak to a police officer. What is wrong with people that they would taunt police officers, strike that, RIOT POLICE on a day where the police had repeatedly come under attack from mindless yobs posing as protesters.

RB said...

I agree, very well put. After having been residing on the fence over the matter, i've been brought down to the side of common sense. It is ofcourse everyone's right to protest, however, many were there not to protest, but riot for (i would hazard a guess) no more reason than for shits and giggles. The guy was mincing about with his hands in his pockets trying to piss them off after being asked to move. His death is unfortunate but in the case of blame; irrelevant. The only thing which matters is the action taken by a police officer who, as you rightly said made a split second decision. It's easy to second guess a field decision from an office with the benefit of hindsight when far removed from a potentially life threatening situation. I fear that the more we wank off to the tune of political correctness, the more we sew seeds of doubt into the minds of soldiers and policeman to whether they are going to get strung up by their society for doing their job by protecting them.