Friday, 3 April 2009

Trust and Privacy; Lost Forever

Trust is like virginity: once lost, it can never be regained.

So the recent poll for the Bar Standards Board is grim reading for certain professions. Guess which ones. Well, in ascending order of trust:

1% - Politicians and estate agents
2% - Bankers
3% - Journalists
13% - Barristers
14% - Accountants
17% - Solicitors

57% said they trusted none of them.

Jacqui Smith, Tony McNulty, Nigel Giffiths, Eric Pickles, Caroline Spelman et al might want to ruminate on why politicians come at the very bottom.

My quip about virginity is true for privacy too. And we seem to be breaching sensible norms on this as well, as evidenced by the attack on a Google Street View photo team yesterday.

There is so much wrong with our society.

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