Friday, 6 February 2009

Another Summit

Oh, forgot to mention that Jackie Smith, apparently our Home Secretary (Gordy, is the dearth of talent really that bad on the Labour benches?), has held a 'burglary summit'. Don't you just love it?

First, see the post from last week on summits - aka 'not a clue what to do but let's look busy'.

But second, I see a new summit phenomenon here:
  • we're plummeting in the polls
  • there is no good news
  • call the pollster and ask him what people are frightened of
  • yup, I know it's mostly that we have fucked the economy and their bank balance, anything else?
  • burglary you say
  • great, let's have a summit on it to look busy
God, they're a load of wankers.

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