Saturday, 7 February 2009

Taking the Blame

The ex-head of Haringey's social services, Sharon Shoesmith, is all over the news today having given a couple of interviews about how she should not have been forced out of her job. Let's play the blame game:

Sharon - There are not very many public servants who head up dysfunctional teams that cause death to those they are meant to be protecting. You were in charge. You should have offered your resignation. The fact that you didn't, fought a tribunal case against dismissal and are now bleating about it in the media, tells me a lot about how you did your job and faced your responsibilities.

Councillors - The ex-Leader of the Council and the ex-Cabinet Member are keeping very quiet, aren't they? Wonder why? They were shameful too.

Ed Balls - Political opportunist to the end. He needed to look tough and Sharon got it in the neck. Why didn't he sack the councillors? Oh yes, that's right, they're Labour councillors aren't they.

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