Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Feathering the Nest

It is interesting that politicians of all shades queue up to propose independent oversight and regulation for all manner of organisations, from private business to public companies to charities etc. The current bĂȘte noire are bankers.

However, a few timely observations:

1. MPs have constantly pushed to have their pay increased.

2. MPs have battled to have their expenses increased.

3. MPs have fought to hide their overly generous expense claims from the electorate.

4. MPs continue to execute intellectual backflips to work their overly generous housing allowance to their benefit.

5. MPs have ensured they retain their overly generous final salary pension scheme.

6. Now MPs have overruled an independent body to increase their severance pay. History tells us that poachers don't make great gamekeepers. Time for an independent body that cannot be overruled by MPs methinks.

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