Thursday, 26 February 2009

Welsh BBC Question Time

BBC Question Time is one of the most entertaining political programmes on TV. My American colleagues are in awe of it. Their politicians are just never held to account as effectively as we do here in the UK, what with Prime Minister's Questions, BBC's Question Time, Any Answers, Newsnight etc to name but a few.

But two things piss me off about BBC QT:

First, is when we have some entertainer, comic, actor etc as a panelist. Who cares what they think? It's just another example of the BBC promoting its own 'talent', another form of BBC advertising. They never add anything to the debate apart from cheap laughs and 'holier than thou' sentimentality. We don't elect them to lead us so why do they get a seat around the table? Recently, we had Will Young, a pathetic attempt to appeal to the 'yoof' audience. Dumbing down again.

But the second issue relates to tonight's episode. QT is broadcast all over the UK. And tonight, they're all Welshies. Why should 95% of the population have to listen to the representatives of 5% of the population? I'm all for adding in regular Welshies and Jocks for some regional balance in regular shows, but all of them in one go! Nauseating PC bollocks.

And if I was Welsh, I would feel so patronised. 'We're only allowed an occasional 'foreigners broadcast' by the English BBC apparatchiks in London!' It's just silly tokenism.

Update - As suspected. It was crap. Who gives a fuck what some windbag from Plaid Cymru thinks?

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