Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Jade Legacy

Usually, this is a 'reality star' free zone. I know that to be PC I am meant to swallow Max Clifford's latest breathless press release from the bedside and wax lyrical about how brave Jade Goody is, how she is committed to providing for her children before she dies and how magical it is that her convict husband has been given a dispensation to spend her wedding night with her, but I am strong and can resist these urges.

For the record, like any decent person, from the bottom of my heart I wish anyone with a terminal diagnosis all the happiness possible in their final days. Mrs C and I have been there with mothers and fathers etc. There is no good way to die. Some understandably crumble. Some achieve that rare ability to rise above the circs, be phenomenally brave and behave with the utmost dignity. My brother-in-law, who died recently, was one such person.

Honestly, he had not been someone I had admired until that point. But then, faced with the truly awful, this amazing, strong and stoical person shone through. How he handled himself in those final months have meant that his wife and children have had the best platform from which to grieve. None of us know how we will react. I hope that I don't disgrace myself.

But, putting aside my utter loathing for all things 'reality', Z list celebs and the shallowness of society's fascination for 'celebrity', the really good legacy to come out of Jade's tragic story is that apparently, according to The Paramedic's Diary, the blanket publicity of her ordeal has had a massive impact on women and the numbers now going for cervical smears.

This is Jade's real legacy.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure he would have appreciated your words. I did.