Friday, 6 February 2009

A General Rant

Been bad at posting this week. Will do better next week. Anyway, a general rant for today:

Snow - Get over it. It's just a bit of snow. To listen to that total tosser Nigel Faggot of the Monster Raving UKIP Party on Question Time this week, you would think that the Government had started another illegal war or something. Every few winters we will get a snowy period. Schools may have to shut, roads may be a bit tricky....but so what? Why is the British response to any issue to automatically look for someone to blame and expect everything to be perfect every day of every year. Grow up.

Surveillance society - So yet again, it is pointed out to Government (today by a House of Lords committee) that we are the most surveiled society in the world. We need to get rid of that bloody police DNA database for those not convicted, stop the proliferation of cameras everywhere, actually audit the numbers and reduce them and we need a privacy law.

Speed cameras - 2 million speed camera offences in 2006. That tells me that (a) we have too many cameras, (b) the British public do not respect their use by the state and (c) our speed limits are set at the wrong level.

Measles - 36% rise in measles last year. Ha! Sorry spotty kids but your parents are assholes. Follow clear medical advice rather than wet, lefty, trendy opinions based on spurious research from a rogue doctor. Although the silver lining here is that this rise is particularly prevalent in North London. Spotty New Labour. Love it.

Blair and Obama - Funny how St Obama of America did not want a photo op with Gordy. Wonder why?

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