Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fawning Condolences

First, apols for being offline for a couple of days. Crazy busy. Now, to the Camerons.

Obviously, like any sane person, one wishes the Camerons sincere condolences. I have yet to meet a parent who has buried a child, however old, who ever really recovers from it. It is just plain wrong, unnatural and unfair.

But three things to consider:

1. The over sentimentality of what has occurred today really fucks me off. Leave the Camerons alone to grieve. Please don't queue up to grandstand and weep fake tears to look good for the media reports. It's repugnant.

2. What about all the other parents whose children died today. This week. This month. This year. I could go on. I don't see Parliament stopping work for them.

3. And what about the young men and women that we send to their deaths in service of this country, in Iraq and Afghanistan? Four more today, in fact. Do I hear politicians falling over themselves to speak pious words of condolence?

Give us a fucking break you bunch of hypocritical tosspots.

Update: A friend spotted that Matthew Parris agrees with me.

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