Friday, 13 February 2009

Hello Dolly

So, as promised yesterday, I turn my attention to Dolly Draper. Many much bigger and better bloggers than I have commented: Guido, Dizzy, Kerron Cross, and the Great Man himself here, here and here. I have several observations:

1. By establishing LabourList (aka the Labour General Election rebuttal unit - a more doomed bunch of fuckers than the Titanic's leak repair team) NuLab has just not got the point of what blogging is all about. The successful bloggers are counter cultural, risqué, etc. If Dolly goes that way, it will blow up in the face of NuLab because the media will seize on any rude, off piste, risqué comment and tut tut v publicly which won't play well with the voters. If he is dull and safe, no one will read him after the initial launch fever dies down.

2. The reason the centre-right is dominating the blogoshere is because they are not in Government and are in full-on opposition mode. It remains to be seen whether (a) the centre right blogoshere withers slightly once Dave has the keys to No 10 or (b) whether the Lefties will finally get their shit together when out in the cold post election.

3. NuLab has picked the wrong guy. Dolly is soiled goods, even despite his 40 days and 40 nights in the Berkeley wilderness and marrying a Z list celeb. He is temperamental, thin-skinned and a Type A NuLab 90s attack dog. He will never change and will blow himself up again like Mandy does regularly (and will again).

4. Fun as it has been to read all the attacks on him, like Gert Nutjob the muslim basher who has been banned from the UK by our very liberal minded Government, by writing about him we are doing his work for him and publicising the little shit's work. Although he is an ass, he is cunning enough to fabricate false attacks on centre right bloggers so we blog about him and boost his traffic. We should therefore desist.

Thus, from this point on, Dolly the lying cheating wanker will never more be mentioned on this blog. Hurrrah!

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