Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hands in the Till

From today's media:

Sunday Times - MEPs fiddling expenses on an epic degree

News of the Screws - Michael Ancram, Derek Conway and Caroline Flint fleecing the taxpayer

Guido - Exposes other's who are raping the taxpayer

Sunday Mirror - Chris Grayling's at it as well

Hate on Sunday - More shit for Jacqui

Sunday Grauniad - Ashcroft funding probs for Tories

They're are all at it. And this is corrosive. It turns people off politics and mires the few good guys with the shit of those that are bad.

As I have said time and again on this blog (most recently here), until the poacher is not in charge of the chicken coop, politicians will serve their own financial interests. We need an independent regulator with real powers to police MPs. After all, they impose the same on everyone else.

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