Monday, 9 February 2009

Political Bonuses

It seems that every day for the last week there has been a Labour Cabinet minister loudly shouting about how we should crack down on these evil bankers who have taken us to rack and ruin by limiting their bonuses. Most recently:

On Saturday we had that muppet Harriet Hamster claiming that evil bankers and their bloated bonuses were...well...just evil really. No, they were particularly evil because women weren't getting their fair share of these evil bonuses. (Interesting logic there: x is bad but we women want our fair share of x. Typically loony logic from the Hamster).

On Sunday we had Alistair Eyebrows telling Andrew Marr (and widely trailing it in the Sundays) that these evil bankers' bonuses had to stop. He did the same story earlier last week as well, but the media just lap it up any day of week really.

Then today we now have the "one-eyed Scottish idiot" telling us the same, as indeed he did earlier last week as well.

OK. We get it. In order for the 'blame shift' to work we need a hate figure and bankers are it because it is soooooo easy to play on the class war/politics of envy that runs deep in the British electorate.

But why is the media allowing Labour to get away with this? Once again for the hard of hearing:

Fact 1 - the banks operated perfectly legally and properly within the regulatory framework established by...the Government.

Fact 2 - the Government's regulatory framework was not fit for purpose and did nothing to prepare for the inevitable bust which many economic forecasters told them was on the way.

Fact 3 - the worst culprit of the credit binge culture was...the Government, which gorged on the stuff, hurled it at the public sector (aka Labour voters), and saved nothing for the bad times.

What's not to get, journos?

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