Monday, 16 March 2009

Political Correctness Gone Mad

Today, the European Parliament has issued a dictat on 'gender neutral terminology'. No longer are we sexist racist Philistines allowed to use the terms: man made, Miss, Ms or Mrs, actress etc etc, need I go on. No, we must be politicaly correct in our speech.

Now I am not a UKIP EU hater. Indeed, in a previous life I worked in the European Parliament in Brussels. I see the need for it although the EU needs some very fundamental reform to get it to concentrate on what it should be doing rather than the Lefty centralization federalist nonsense they spend most of their time focussing on.

But this is a classic example of Liberal Facism at work. Liberal fascists are the type of people who get so caught up in their 'right on' Lefty view of the world, that they believe we should pass laws banning other contractictory viewpoints, thereby becoming facist in their actions, hence Liberal facism.

Now I hate racists, for example. But I will fight to the death for people to be able to hold unfashionable views, however repugnant. It's called demoncracy, you fuckwits. And it can be rather uncomfortable but it's the best system we have.

If you start banning speech or thought, then you are no better than Nazi Germany of Stalinist Russia.

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