Monday, 23 March 2009

Show Some Leadership, Dave

The Hate on Sunday led the field at the weekend with yet another story of outrageous playing of the ludicrously generous Parliamentary expenses system by MPs. Each week, we see another culprit. The Hate has months of this story left if they want it as there are so many MPs' hands in the till.

The fact that when caught, McNumpty has thrown in the towel so easily shows how aware he was that he was simply pilfering from the taxpayer.

They rage about those working the benefits system and endlessly bluster about clampdowns but they are in fact worse.

Of course in theory it's good news that the Standards Committee is going to do its stuff, but talk about bolting stable doors? Only a couple of weeks ago it said it would not do anything on the previous scandal. So rather than leading on the issue, it's felt compelled to do something after the event.

But there is a total lack of political leadership on this issue. No Brown clamping down on fiddles. No Dave photo ops. No Cleggy interventions. Radio silence all weekend. Why could that be?

Well first because they are all at it. But the fundamental reason is back to the issue I have blogged about before (most recently here and here): foxes can't be in charge of the chicken coop. We need an independent system to set and police Parliamentary allowances, not just a belated inquiry by the Standards Committee.

If Dave wants to court popularity then all he has to do is to tell his serving MPs and candidates what is acceptable, give the MPs three months to get their houses in order and then announce his proposals for a slimmed down system. For once, let's see a politician lead the debate rather than bury their head or follow the focus groups. Come on Dave. Show some bloody leadership.

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Anonymous said...

For fuck sake cant you whinging 'i know best' people just think for a moment and treat our politicians with the respect and dignity they deserve. Perhaps then we will get the politicians we deserve. Lets pay them 100-120K give them decent allowances to run offices and travel ( no second homes for anyone within 10 miles of Westminster) and most of all, do away with the nonsense of MPs having to run their own offices and give it to the Sergeant at Arms