Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sadly I Agree With Lib Dem Voice

Here's what it says in full, but the important extract is this:

"You might have though (sic - Lib Dem's can't spell) it would have merited some coverage in the right-wing blogosphere, whether springing to the Tory party chairman’s aid, or brushing it aside as a momentary gaffe. I’ve checked a couple of times today on the leading right-wing blogs – ConservativeHome, Guido, Iain Dale, Spectator Coffee House, Times Comment Central – but there’s nothing, nada, zilch. A deafening silence.....

"I ask the following question purely rhetorically: can you imagine how much coverage there would have been on those blogs if a Lib Dem or Labour politician had tanked as badly as Mr Pickles did last night? Less rhetorically, I ask: have we just seen a preview of how the right-wing blogosphere will react when a future Tory government cocks-up?"

Putting aside the fact that Lib Dem Voice has clearly accepted that the next Government will be Tory, the point is absolutely on the money. I too was really disappointed by the silence on the Tory blogosphere yesterday.

We have to face into our mistakes immediately. I wrote my comment on the shocking reality of Pickles' stupidity straight after the programme and posted it first thing yesterday. To my fellow centre right bloggers: why didn't you?

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