Tuesday, 17 March 2009

David Lammy: Pathetic Asshole

To hear this moron on the Today programme this morning, trying to defend the issue below, made me so bloody angry.

This muppet is a Government minister solely because he is a young black bloke and NuLab want to appeal to black yoof – ‘look at us, we represent you because young black blokes do well with us, as against those nasty racist Tories’.

This is patronising in the extreme. If I was a young black bloke I would be outraged and pissed off that this muppet - who this morning clearly hadn't mastered his brief and was so easily made to look a fool by Sarah Montague (not the most savage of journos) - is somehow a poster child for my kith and kin.

This is tokenism at its worst. And PC tokenism at that. The guy is out of his depth. God knows what the civil servants who brief him make of him.

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