Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday Short Post No 4

Lady GaGa is everywhere. With two No 1s now under her belt in quick succession, she is on the front cover of magazine after magazine, interviews all over the place, mass promoting of her disco beat. She is one of those ‘people of the mo’. What does this mean? Three things, I think:

1. That someone in a record company has worked out she is marketable – young, reasonable looking, nice figure (airbrushed to make it better), can dance a bit (no doubt with a coach), can sing a bit (no doubt with a coach and much ‘computer tweaking’) and with a couple of good upbeat tunes pumped out by a song writing factory, she’ll be good for a two or three Top 10s, one album and a summer of appearances at various musical festivals.

2. That she will be shit live.

3. That she will disappear without trace by 2010.

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