Thursday, 26 March 2009

Guido Fails Us All

Oh dear. It was carnage. Follow the link...

Guido, what were you thinking? Actually clearly you weren't thinking. If ever there was someone who had some killer punches to land who failed spectacularly it was Guido today. That little shit Draper got away with it. Again. When will this little tosser finally be upended?

And why is Guido now backing off as per his utter capitulation on his blog tonight? Where is the McBride 'smoking gun' email? Where is the Berkeley Draper proof? Has Guido had legal eagles after him?

For the record, these are the points Guido should have made:

1. The centre right dominates the blogosphere.

2. NuLab realised they needed to attack this in advance of the next election.

3. LabList was conceived by NuLab, within NuLab HQ, was created by trusted NuLab apparatchiks and is funded by the unions (aka NuLab Central Bank). It is not an independent blog, one of Draper's endless lies.

4. In content it is an utterly uncritical cheerleader for NuLab, attacking centre right independent bloggers as part of a wider NuLab pre-election smear strategy. It is a corporate PR blog.

5. All this is demonstrated by the choice of the 'editor' of LabList. Did they choose an erudite centre left free thinker? No, they chose Draper, a discredited, proven liar, Type A NuLab 90s attack dog, who has tried to reinvent himself after some time in the wildness 'in' not 'at' Berkeley and by marrying a media luvvie Z list celeb.

Lastly, Paul, you could at least have ironed your Berkeley t-shirt. And why is Draper now so fat? And why does he always look as if he just spent the night in a dumpster?

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