Thursday, 19 March 2009

Budget Madness

No, not the creative accounting that Gordy and Mr Eyebrows will do shortly to tell us how brilliant NuLab has been for all our salaries, pensions etc. No, I’m talking here about the ludicrous way public sector budgets are spent in March each year.

Regularly I drive to work. I like driving. I have a fast car. I strive to be hated by all tree hugging lefty tosspots. And March always pisses me off.

Because of the asinine way public sector budgeting works – ‘use it or lose it’ as well as ‘unused budget this year means smaller budget next year’ – March is always the season of utterly pointless road works.

Today, I drove through four sets of ridiculous road works, one where there simply never is a traffic problem but I guess in order to use up the budget some bright spark in the local council’s highways department – most likely now called a trendy NuLab name like ‘streets and spaces’ or some other crap – they have created a mini roundabout…for no fucking reason.

In my 20s I was an army officer, and I recall one March watching a 1.5 acre drill square being tarmaced just so the budget would be used up.

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